Now - Vegetable Glycerine 100% Pure - 473ml

Now - Vegetable Glycerine 100% Pure - 473ml

Brand: Now Foods ناو
Product Code: now/veg glycerine 473
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Price: 38 AED

Product Specifications:

  • 100% Pure Versatile Skin Care
  • Softens & Moisturizes
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Size: 473 ml (16 oz)
  • Brand: Now, USA

Product Benefits:

  • For Rough skin and simple cosmetic applications.
  • Pure Vegetable Glycerine is an outstanding moisturizer and skin cleanser
  • Provides softening and lubricating benefits
  • It's easily soluble in water, making it suitable for use in all of your favorite cosmetic applications
  • 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerine has a long shelf life and does not easily oxidize
  • It is an all-natural product derived from Non-GMO palm oil, grapeseed, or coconut oil

Suggested Use

For soft, luxurious skin simply massage a few drops of 100% Pure Vegetable Glycerine on the desired area as needed



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