Pyary Ayurvedic Care

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  • 10 AED
    Product Benefits: Stimulates cell regeneration and contains vitamin E & C which are nourishing agents It hasten the healing process of the skin as well as induces a tightening feel to it Aloe vera also contains anti-inflammatory properties that promotes skin hydration Size: 75 g Br..
    Product Benefits: Stimul...
  • 10 AED
    Product Benefits: Made from Black Seed extract, coconut oil, and natural aromatic essential oils It retains all the natural glycerine formed during the processes and in its composition it is unique in containing the active ingredients of Black Seed Maintains good helth care of the skin ..
    Product Benefits: Made f...
  • 10 AED
    Product Benefits: A perfect blend cucumber and coconut oil The cucumber is a very refreshing and cooling vegetable which removes sunburn and soothes tired eyes  It invigorates, softens, moisturizes and dispels impurities of the skin  Has a slight bleaching property which help i..
    Product Benefits: A perf...
  • 10 AED
    Description: A natural soap traditionally handcrafted  Prepared from natural goat milk , pure coconut oil and herbal extracts Has superb lathering property, enriched with variable vitamins and natural oils Helps to improve your skin complexion, adjust the skin condition – leave your..
    Description: A natural s...
  • 10 AED
    Product Benefits: A combination of neem with coconut oil provides perfect natural care for your skin ..
    Product Benefits: A comb...
  • 10 AED
    Description: Enriched with unique blend of fairness actives – papain extract (skin whitening agent) coconut oil, natural aromatic essential oil Naturally Papaya remove freckles and has anti-aging properties too Makes the skin fairer ,smoother and gentle ..
    Description: Enriched wi...