Taha - 100% Natural Unrefined African Yellow Shea Butter - 227g

Taha - 100% Natural Unrefined African Yellow Shea Butter - 227g

Brand: Taha طاها
Product Code: taha/yellow shea butter 8oz
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Price: 27 AED

Product Specifications:

  • 100% natural unrefined shea butter
  • Rich in unremoved fatty acids and essential vitamins
  • Size: 227 g (8 oz)
  • Brand: Taha, USA
  • Product of Ghana

Product Description and usage:

  • Natural body moisturizer
  • Great for preventing stretch marks and white lines
  • Treat dry skin, skin rash, eczema and minor burns
  • Pain relief from swelling and arthritis
  • Improves muscle relaxation and stiffness
  • Can be used as sunscreen, due to its rich content of vitamins E & F
  • Treats dark spots, skin discolorations and blemishes
  • Anti aging and anti-wrinkle
  • Hydrates and rejuvenates the skin
  • Used to treat skin peeling, after tanning, Itching skin and sunburn
  • Excellent as after shave moisturiser for men
  • Smoothes tough, crack or rough skin (Feet, Elbow) 
  • Used for massages and baby diaper rashes
  • Nourishes nails and keeps them strong
  • Reduces dandruff / beaming hair
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Great as hair conditioner

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